Meet the team

Yacanex Posadas

Yacanex strives to help the underserved Latino communities of San Jose.

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Emily M. Lam

I’m driven by the students and small business owners we work with. They each have immense potential to reach beyond their goals – my hope is exposing our youth to coding and finding ways to inspire them to reach higher will help us create a cycle of each cohort helping the next generation. 

Jessica Muñoz

As a first-generation Latina, I have been these students and I am the daughter of these business owners. I have witnessed first hand the obstacles faced by these communities. I want our program to provide the guidance and stepping stones that I needed at their age, and I saw were needed in my family’s entrepreneurial journey.


Marian Nieto

Being the oldest child of my family I grew up caring for the ones behind me. I feel I have a responsability to use my experience in both life and work to improve the opportunities of not only the younger generation, but also of those who wish to build a business they can call their own. 


César Arellano

My goal is to encourage our Latino community to seek careers in tech and business through our program’s resources and volunteer opportunities.